Saturday, 17 December 2011

When the Lazy Thoughts Ran Wild

For the past two or three hours, I have been trying to come up with a fictitious story. But all the while, I was deleting the sentences more often that I was writing them. Only then did it remember my teacher complaining his inability to get down to the computer and come up with a novel.

Recently, when I was working with him, I gave him a lot of ideas to develop a novel. I particularly like a novel to be set across the democratic transition in our country. The time when all those huge changes came in was the borderline between the traditional and the modern state of our country. I wanted it documented and made it available to be experienced by more people across time and place. May be those ideas have come up to me as I was reading Khushwant Singh's Train to Pakistan that time.

It is a hundred times easier to read than to write, lest the subject is not a lazy brat! I am just writing these as I remember something called the free stream of thoughts, letting your thoughts and imaginations run wild. As for that, and as for now, I only wish that this blog has the MS Word features that corrects spellings, suggests synonyms, capitalises the first sentences, and many more. This clearly reflects how lazy my brain is!

At the end, what has this writing ended up with? I neither had a plan nor a theme. All it ended up is a complaint (negatively thinking) and a wish (positively thinking) that this blogspot made my writing easier.

But no worries are to be taken seriously. This is because I have greatly improved my typing speed with Facebook unlike my dad who typed hundreds of Typing Tutor pages on the old WWII typewriters. He still had those pages, when he first brought home a desktop, the old while and slow one. Those are now turned brown and black by aerial oxidation and the dust of course.

My old man so much wanted me to practise my typing by copying those old pages into the computer. But modernity had arrived then and I had Typing Tutor on which I practised very little and more on Facebook. So, now in blogspot, this is how much I am comfortable with typing.

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