Saturday, 17 December 2011

What is a y-chess?

I have always liked the way my school's name is pronounced. Both a layman and an alumni prefer pronouncing YHSS as "Y-CHESS", like how we call the game of chess, a CHESS. There is a gross mistake in calling the words: wrong English!!! It sounds like how we pronounce PA-LAS-TIC BOT-TAL in villages for the plastic bottles, the sound so distorted. Yet I like a lot the sound in the name y-chess and bottals. It is our own calling - there is a whole world behind each of those one words.

To me, y-chess has an air of buoyancy in which the Bubble Universes afloat. Our life is a bubble universe - mine is a small one, yet it contains all aspects that makes it a universe, linked and de-linked with other bubbles.

So, what is a y-chess!

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